Metering pumps are needed for a wide range of uses including industrial, manufacturing, water treatment, electroplating or even in food and beverage sectors. For end customer purchasing metering pumps for the first time, it can be hard to know the array of necessary accessories that is needed with each type of pump. This is where a manufacturer-approved list can come in handy, and some manufacturers will be happy to provide a pre-packaged metering pump system with all the parts included if you ask especially when placing an order.

Keep in mind that WRS metering pumps are delivered pre-packaged with all the required parts (e.g. foot valve, injection valve, tubing and others).

Also its wise to choose one reliable metering pump manufacturer and supplier when you are buying a metering pump and parts as finding compatible parts can be hard when the system is put together using different metering pump parts or brands. Ideally, you want your metering pump to be a long-term investment running for at least thousands of hours regardless of whether you’re using it in a factory, to treat water of any kind, or for other applications.

Since maintenance, research, and decisions all take a lot of time; a packaged metering pump system is great especially when you get a professional to carry out the installation. There are a few key components you should know about when choosing a metering pump for your requirement:

  • Most metering pump devices are positive displacement pumps and you need them to be the highly durable so that chemicals like sulphuric acids can easily be dosed without the pump getting damaged or worn out quickly.
  • A pressure gauge is a key component as it gauges the pressure in the valves (as the name suggests) and contributes to the efficiency of the pump and metering process.
  • Basket strainers (or Y-strainers as they are sometimes called) are a helpful component as well as they strain and filter out sediments and other particles so they don’t build up in the pipes and valves. This is especially helpful if the metering pump is used around the clock to carry out more than one function.
  • Pressure and Air relief valves are also a vital cog in the metering pump system. Accidents, leaks, and combustion can sometimes happen and are quite dangerous especially if workers are close by. This depends on the workload as well as the chemicals being dosed by the pump. Air relief valve protects your pump from blowing up with too much pressure or simply dying out in the middle of dosing.
  • A regular positive displacement pump (as most metering pumps are) transport chemicals using a pulse of sorts. Each stroke impacts the flow rate and pressure exerted on the pump. Pulsation dampeners are a component that can even out these pulses and prevents excess pressure from building up. This has the added benefit of preserving the pipes and making them last longer.
  • Backpressure valves are another important component to buy when selecting a metering pump. Check ball valves are used to monitor output as certain types of pressure may pump liquid through more easily, creating an overdose of chemicals. The back-pressure valves even out the flow rate as a result increase efficiency.

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