A pulsation damper is a common component for eliminating pipe pulsation and it is an accessory that must be provided for a metering pump system. WRS’s Pulsation Dampeners are designed to reduce pulsation and vibration in the pipe system that is caused by a metering pump or plunger pump. It ensures a smooth and continuous flow of the system. By removing the pulsation flows, the efficiency and accuracy of the pump system can be increase significantly. On the other hand, it helps to protect the pump, seals, gaskets of the entire systems from vibration and result in a longer lasting safer system. Compressed air or gas is introduced into the air chamber of the Pulsation Dampener to a specified pressure.

The gas is entrapped by the elastomeric bladder, which prevents contact between the process fluid and compressed gas. During pump discharge, fluid enters the wetted chamber of the WRS Pulsation Dampener, displacing the bladder, compressing the gas and absorbing the shock. During pump shift, liquid pressure decreases, the dampener gas expands, pushing fluid back into the process line. Whether a piston, plunger, air diaphragm, peristaltic, gear, or diaphragm metering pump a WRS Pulsation Dampener placed at the pump’s discharge will produce a steady fluid flow up to 99% pulsation free; protecting the entire pumping system from the damaging effects of shock.


  • Quick Installation
  • In-line Maintenance
  • Bodies in a full range of Chemical Resistant materials
  • Bladders for even the most corrosive applications
  • Produces near steady fluid flow
  • 99% pulsation and vibration free
  • Protects pumping system from pulsation, water hammer, vibrations, and more.


Pressure 1MPA
Material: UPVC, PP, PVDF, SUS316
Sizing: LGMQ dampener minimum volume size shall be at least 12 times of each stroke power (ml).

LGMQ Pulsation Dampeners for Metering PumpsWRS pulsation dampener LGMQ Dimension

Model Volumn (L) Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Inlet (d) Connection Method
LGMQ-0.35 0.35 152 98 DN15 Socket, Threaded, Flange
LGMQ-0.6 0.6 150 108 DN20
LGMQ-1.0 1.0 210 130 DN25
LGMQ-1.5 1.5 230 156 DN25
LGMQ-2.0 2.0 260 156 DN32


Material: UPVC
Sizing: LGMK dampener minimum volume size shall be at least 26 times of each stroke power (ml).

LGMK Pulsation Dampener for Metering PumpsUPVC series LGMK dampener

Model Volumn (L) H (mm) d (mm) D (mm)th> Inlet Pressure
LGMK-0.6 0.6 201 20 85 DN15/DN20 1 MPa
LGMK-1.2 1.2 292 32 110 DN25
LGMK-2.2 2.2 316 40 130 DN32
LGMK-3.2 3.2 323 50 162 DN40
LGMK-5.0 5.0 446 50 162 DN40
LGMK-10 10 760 63 162 DN50


Material: SUS304/316
Sizing: LGMK dampener minimum volume size shall be at least 26 times of each stroke power (ml).

LGMK B Pulsation Dampener for Metering PumpsUPVC series LGMK-B dampener

Model Volumn (L) H (mm) D (mm) G (Female Thread) Pressure (MPa)
LGMK-B-0.8 0.8 246 76 G 1/2″ 1.6 MPa
LGMK-B-1.2 1.2 260 89 G 3/4″
LGMK-B-2.0 2.0 300 114 G 1″
LGMK-B-3.5 3.5 340 133 G 1/4″
LGMK-B-4.0 4.0 370 133 G 1 1/2″


Material: PVC, PP, PVDF, SUS304, SUS316
Sizing: LGMZ dampener minimum volume size shall be at least 15 times of each stroke power (ml).

LGMZ Pulsation Dampeners for Metering Pumpsschematic diagram of dimensions for LGMZ Pulsation Dampener

Model Volumn (L) H (mm) D (mm) Pressure (MPa) Connection (Female Thread)
LGMZ-0.35 0.35 235 142 1.6 MPa G 1/2″
LGMZ-0.6 0.6 250 174 G 3/4″
LGMZ-1.0 1.0 310 210 G 1″
LGMZ-2.0 2.0 330 280 G 1 1/4″
LGMZ-4.0 4.0 370 306 G 1 1/2″

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