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Electroplating And Metering Pumps

Electroplating requires a precise metering system to feed the right amount of chemicals and materials into the process. This is where dosing pumps come into play. A dosing pump ensures a safe and elegant process while ensuring your production bath receives the desired amount of chemicals.

Criteria For Using the Right Pumps

When choosing a dosing pump from the market consider the following criteria:


Dosing pumps should provide an accuracy of ±0.5% consistently. Chemicals are used in specific concentrations, and as such, they have to be metered accurately. This ensures under/overdosing is prevented, thus saving you money, and maintaining the quality of the process.

Corrosion resistance

In electroplating baths, metering pumps must meet with lots of standards. They should be capable of delivering an extensive range of chemicals irrespective of their chemical composition. Top-quality metering pumps should be able to handle a variety of chemicals needed in the electroplating process. In addition to that, the pumps must be able to deliver the chemicals at different pressures, temperature, volume, and concentration.


Safety is an essential criterion that cannot be compromised. When selecting a pump, look at for red flags that can affect the safety of your plan. The design of the pump, as well as the materials used for construction play a vital part in the safety and durability of the pump.

Top-quality performance

In electroplating, the best solution is to employ dosing pumps that offer efficient and reliable services in handling various chemicals. It is well established that the best electroplating facilities try as much as possible to optimize process time, as well as energy and cost-efficiency. With the right metering pumps, all of those objectives can easily be met.

Materials and equipment are the lifeblood of any plant or process. By paying attention to the various pump criteria and matching those with other operational requirements, you can be sure that your electroplating process is as it should be. Dosing pumps ensure the accuracy, and efficiency of your production process.

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