Without the right metering pump systems and setup solutions, metering pumps and their upkeep can be a costly venture regardless of the purpose for which they are being used, whether it be wastewater treatment, swimming pools in hotels and resorts or industrial uses. When buying a metering pump it is essential to know the vital cogs and features of the device and what effect they have on the output in order to make the right choice.

Apart from longevity and less maintenance, the right metering pump will improve your industrial processes and aid in better utilization of chemical resources. If you have any of the vital features missing, entire system can suffer from premature wear and tear, leakages and susceptibility to environmental factors such as weather.

Compatibility Materials and Standards

Cheaper and poorly made metering pumps do not have compatibility with many standard-issue chemicals used in industrial processes. This can be a very expensive mistake to make when choosing metering pumps, we encourage you to always buy higher quality metering pumps (such as the ones from WRS) and check with the manufacturer regarding the range of chemical compositions they are compatible with.

Sulphuric acid and caustic soda are commonly used within chemical dosing process, due to the corrosive flammable compounds found in chemicals, this can overtime damage and eat away plastics and even metals. You must ask? Can low quality cheap metering pumps handle your specific requirements. When distributing a metering pump or buying one for that matter, make sure it is made with right type of material/s (such as PVC, SAE 304 stainless steel, SAE 316L stainless steel, Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)) so that it is able to withstand chemicals, flowrate, pressure and or output as needed. Unsure about which model to choose? Talk to WRS metering pump manufacturer & supplier

Accurate as an Arrow

At its core, the primary requirement of a metering pump is accuracy in dispensing the chosen chemical in the body of water. If this requirement is only fulfilled partly (or there is a slight deviation in input / dosing / output) it can greatly affect entire results. As the saying goes “by drop by drop becomes a lake” taking this saying as an example, metering pump used for water treatment or in pharmaceutical applications, single drop of wrong chemical dosing can accumulate over time and have devastating outcomes.

Some of the newer models of metering pumps on the market use positive displacement pumps as this ensures a high level of accurate pumping out of chemicals. The diaphragm (also known as a Membrane) operates in a backwards and forwards motion enabling just the right amount of chemicals to be pumped out at any given time.

Most pumps come with timers with which the flow rate can be adjusted according to user needs. The liquid traveling backward into the pipe can cause blockages and other mechanical difficulties and this can happen if the metering pump does not have proper ball valve assemblies. Basically, whether its the engineered design, size or internal parts, all of are an important consideration to make when selecting metering pumps. Let our experience and dedication simplify your questions Contact WRS metering pump experts

How Long Will it Last

As you can imagine that depending on the application, setting up large and very complex metering pump systems can prohibitively become expensive, large scale facilities require more than one, two or ten which is why cost and durability is a huge concern. Our metering pumps are designed, engineered and thoroughly tested to make sure that “all our metering pumps are durable and lasts a long time compared to other pumps on the market”.

A yearly check-up and maintenance by a technician is ideal to prolong the life of metering pump systems and operations. When everything is up to the mark and functions as intended durable quality pumps last way beyond expectations (even in more trying environments). Remember that cheap copies may seem cheap at the beginning till they break or do not pump, always consider quality, longevity and affordability. Consider WRS metering pumps.

Whether the need is metering pumps with features that can be manually or remotely controlled and adjusted for greater pinpoint accuracy, regardless of volume or chemicals being dosed, end users purchasing WRS pumps from our valued distributors are satisfied, as a result repeat business and customer loyalty is maintained (both for our valued distributors and also WRS). Meaning its win win for everyone (end user, distributor, and manufacturer).

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