Purchasing Metering Pumps from Local Distributors

Buying Metering pumps is a time-consuming task in itself due to preliminary research, but what's worse is that buying them from the wrong distributor can prove extremely costly in every way. While the prevalent trend is to buy from online dealers, which may not be the best choice for you especially if you are purchasing [...]

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WRS Diaphragm Pumps are The Superior Choice

Buying a diaphragm metering pump can be confusing because each application and usage is different, as a result choosing a metering pump requires a number of well-taken decisions. Researching process is made worse by the number of manufacturers to choose from. There are some factors that make pumps by WRS the ideal choice out of [...]

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The Dynamics of Sourcing from Top Metering Pump Manufacturers

Metering pumps in chemical dosing applications are used in dozens of industrial processes and end-users whom invest in the right metering pump through a reputable manufacturer, they can last very well for years and provide many thousands of hours of service. Becoming a supplier for a metering pump manufacturer has many advantages as metering pumps [...]

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What Peristaltic Pumps are Best Suited For

Peristaltic pumps are a type of metering and dosing pumps that have their own unique advantages when compared with the other kinds that are available on the metering pump market. Peristaltic pumps are well suited for processes where contamination is a serious issue since the mechanism of this type of pump keeps the fluid/liquid in [...]

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The Mechanism of Peristaltic Pumps and Their Benefits

Indeed we are living in a complex world, there are even YouTube videos showing how to make a Peristaltic Pump. Unless you are an engineering student, DIY pumps aren't going to suffice. Definition of Peristaltic [ pĕr′ĭ-stôl′sĭs ] is that its a wavelike muscular contractions in tubular structures. In terms of the word 'Peristaltic' within [...]

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Metering Pump Coagulation pH Balance and Water Treatment

There are many many different types of PUMPS manufactured around the globe. Obvious reason for this is the requirement of the end-user. But not all pumps are created equal, despite the fact that they may be labelled for certain uses. Because diaphragm pumps are so versatile for fluid transfers they are used in vast industries [...]

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Look for These in Metering Pumps and Chemical Dosing Pumps

Without the right metering pump systems and setup solutions, metering pumps and their upkeep can be a costly venture regardless of the purpose for which they are being used, whether it be wastewater treatment, swimming pools in hotels and resorts or industrial uses. When buying a metering pump it is essential to know the vital [...]

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Choosing a Metering Pump

Metering pumps are needed for a wide range of uses including industrial, manufacturing, water treatment, electroplating or even in food and beverage sectors. For end customer purchasing metering pumps for the first time, it can be hard to know the array of necessary accessories that is needed with each type of pump. This is where [...]

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Metering Pumps Automation and Remote Control

For obvious reasons, metering pumps carry out a function that aligns closely with complete accuracy and efficiency. Metering pumps with certain built-in functions such as signals and automated functions can offer you better results compared completely manual versions as they can retain the productivity and efficiency automatically. In many facilities, the chemical dosing and metering pumps are run [...]

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Becoming a Distributor for Metering Pump Manufacturers

What is the most important factor you are looking for when it comes to finding metering pumps manufacturer? Is it the reliability of metering pumps suppliers? Or is the low cost metering pumps you can make a hefty profit of? Here at WRS, our experience tells us that although both points are important, there is [...]

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