What is the most important factor you are looking for when it comes to finding metering pumps manufacturer? Is it the reliability of metering pumps suppliers? Or is the low cost metering pumps you can make a hefty profit of? Here at WRS, our experience tells us that although both points are important, there is one above all “prompt delivery coupled with exceptional support for all inquiries”.

Let’s face it, as a metering pumps distributor, you could perhaps get your metering pumps and related products from variety of sources, and yet, we sincerely believe that you are in a sales business. At its core, that means you are in ‘customer service’ business. And that’s where WRS metering pump manufacturer and supplier can be what you are looking for because we too are in customer service industry. We’ve been serving our valued customers globally supplying over 50 countries worldwide. Contact us to find out how we can work together to build long term ‘successful’ business partnership.

Metering pumps or chemical dosing pumps as they are often called are used in numerous industries ranging all the way from wastewater management to chemical dosing pump for water treatment plant to agricultural settings. With this array of purposes in hundreds of industrial processes, there are many unique advantages to becoming a distributor for WRS metering pumps supplier and established manufacturer. Looking for range of metering pumps? We’ve got you covered with solenoid, air or motor driven metering pumps

Direct Connection with The Manufacturer

Working with reliable, cost effective and established company is a sure way to long term success. Because as a global distributor of metering pumps, we’ve already have invested years in perfecting production, marketing and complex supply chain, by becoming a distributer for us means that you’ll be able to sell quality metering pumps and accessories at competitive rates while having great profit margins.

The reliability and respect established by the metering chemical dosing pumps manufacturer will by default pass to you, allowing you to provide advice and information to customers making long-term clients as well as provide on-site installation and support. Our efforts tо proactively promote our field service аvаіlаbіlіtу and сараbіlіtіеѕ аrе a kеу differentiator between оur соmраnу аnd оthеr еquірmеnt ѕаlеѕ соmраnіеѕ.

Better Prices Because WRS is Your One Stop Metering Pump Manufacturer & Supplier

Sourcing direct from the manufacturer by becoming a local distributor and seller of our products means that you can obtain a better, cheaper price difference than what other not yet established manufacturers and suppliers (cut out the middlemen because you’ll be dealing directly with WRS). You would also be able to proudly stand behind the quality of our products as it would be coming from ‘one reliable source’ instead of various businesses in the supply chain. Because WRS offers you complete solutions

  • Manufacturing over 40k units per year
  • Factory size over 33,400sqm
  • Supplying to over 50 countries around the world

Being a distributor also means you can provide and follow through on warranty claims as you will have a direct line of contact with us. Since your business will operate locally you have a greater chance of spreading out your client base to include loyal clients that will only shop and order other related products only from you.

Experts in the Field

All local distributors of professional metering pump manufacturers are given training and resources so they are up to date on all models and products including ancillary components. This expertise transfers as an added value to your customers who are likely to make all their purchases from you, including the installation of smaller components.

Since your staff and customer representatives will be well-versed on operations and components as well as different types of metering pumps, as well as their applications, they can choose products according to the individual needs of each of your valued customer.

Network Of Services

One of the natural growth of local distributors is that they overtime are able to accumulate a network of professionals from expert installers, repairmen, technicians to field staff that can be hired on a contractor basis for any of their customers. This again ensures better sales as you are able to provide after-sales services which are a major benefit to most consumers of industrial machinery including chemical dosing pumps.

Metering pumps are often used in high production environment which requires on going maintenance, which in turn can translate in to better business operations and profit margins for you through providing additional, and much needed support.

Long Term Successful Results Await You

Once again, we offer you complete solutions with long term results, be it better distribution outcomes or be it better price range when it comes to quality metering pumps and their components, simply become one of our valued distributer of WRS metering pumps. Simply take advantage of already established processes, reliability and exceptional distributor support we’ll offer you.

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you as our valued local distributor, simply get in touch so that we can detail “easy step by step process to set you up”

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