diagram of MLS Series Solenoid Diaphragm Pump Manufactured by WRS


ML metering pump is a microprocessor controlled solenoid diaphragm pump with changeable frequency. It is capable for all kinds of solutions dosing, including corrosive solutions. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, paper, light industry, agriculture, water conservancy and other industrial and technological sectors, in the process solution metering and dosing. Solenoid metering pump is the use of electromagnetic push rod driven diaphragm in the pump head reciprocating movement, causing the pump head chamber volume and pressure changes. Changes in pressure caused by suction 4 valve and discharge valve opening and closing, to achieve quantitative liquid suction and discharge. ML solenoid metering pump rated flow range is 1 ~ 20 l / h, with corresponding maximum output pressure of 10 ~ 1bar. The pump outlet displacement can be adjusted according to the pulse frequency selection switch. It is a simple structure, low energy consumption, accurate measurement, with a new screen display of electromagnetic diaphragm metering pump.

What is the difference with MLS Series?

The main difference between ML and MLS Series is the option to control remotely. The MLS Series has an additional signal connection for 4-20mA signal or pulse connection. While ML Series does not have this option. Other than that, all parameters perform the same.


  • Small size & easy installation.

  • Simple control design, control everything with only three buttons.

  • Specially designed for handling corrosive liquids.

  • Varieties of material options, for different applications.

  • Controllable flowrate at both working and non-working condition.

  • Simple way to release air or retrieving sampling from the system through the air release valve right at the discharge.

  • Compact modular design.
  • Simple LED display.
  • Check valve with double balls designed for easy maintenance.

  • Accessories are included.
  • Wear-free solenoid driving, without any bearing.

  • Newly designed high-performance PCB. Perfectly match the magnetic drive, providing strong drive power.


Model ML Series
Flowrate 1 ~ 20 LPH
Pressure 1 ~ 10 Bar
Pump Head Material Standard: PVC
Optional:PVDF, SS304, SS316
Operating Method Continuous or Intermediate
Number of pump head 1
Connection Type ɸ5×8 Hose Compression Fitting
Flow Adjustment Method Frequency Adjustment
Flow Adjustment Display Method Digital Display
Control remotely NO
Negative Suction 2m
Inlet/Outlet Valve type Double Ball Valve
Protection IP65
Insulation Class F
Accuracy ±2% in stable condition
Weight Gross: 3.2 KG

Net: 4.2 KG

Driving method Internal Solenoid Drive
Input Power 28W
Supply Required 1Ph 240V 50Hz / 1PH 110V 60Hz
Stroke per Minute 80 ~ 180


Diameter 60 ~84 mm
Material 1st Layer: PTFE
2nd Layer: EPDM Rubber
3rd Layer: 3.0mm SUS304
4th Layer: Nylon Fibber
5th Layer: EPDM Rubber


Fluid temperature range -15℃~60℃
Viscosity range 0.3~1000cps


Environment temperature range -10℃ ~ +45℃
Outdoor Installation Yes, with shelter protection from rain and direct sunlight.


In a standard packing of ML/MLS series solenoid dosing pump, you should have all items as shown below in the box. If there is any item is missing or damaged, please contact your shipping company or simply contact our friendly team.
Standard Factory Export Set of parts of ML Series Solenoid Dosing Pump Manufactured by WRS


ML Series Solenoid Dosing Pump Manufactured by WRS

Three Button Control

Solenoid Dosing Pump Head Material

PVC , Stainless Steel, PVDF

Difference between ML and MLS Solenoid Metering Pump top and bottom sections

ML Series (top) MLS Series (Bottom)


Model Flow (lph) Pressure (bar) Stroke/min Diaphragm Dia (mm) Weight (kg)
ML0001 1 10 80 34 3.2
ML0002 2 10 140
ML0004 4 8 180
ML0005 5 5 140 41
ML0008 8 4 170
ML0010 10 3 130 51 4.2
ML0012 12 2 150
ML0015 15 2 160
ML0020 20 1.5 180


Pump Head Material Diaphragm Valve Seat Valve Ball Inlet Outlet
PVC PTFE Viton Rubber Ceramic PE PE
PVDF PTFE Viton Rubber Ceramic PE PE
SS304 PTFE SS304 SS304 SS304 SS304
SS316 PTFE SS316 SS316 SS316 SS316

*For chemical compatibility table, please visit here.


schematic diagram of ML Series Solenoid Diaphragm Pump Dimensions
Model Pump Head Material Connection A B
ML0001 – ML0020 PVC Φ5×8 PE Hose Compression Fitting 18 175
304/316 17 158

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