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MG series metering pump is a volumetric, mechanically operated reciprocating metering pump. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, paper, light industry, agriculture, water plant and other industrial and technological sectors, in the process of dealing with all kinds of media measurement and dosing applications. According to different media, different selection of materials is available, including PVC, SS304, SS316, PTFE and others. MG series metering pump can transport temperature -15 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, viscosity 0.3 ~ 1000cps corrosive or non-corrosive liquid which does not contain solid particles. Pump rated flow range is 15 ~ 130 l / h, with corresponding maximum output pressure of 10 ~ 4bar. The flow rate of the pump can be adjusted by the hand wheel from 0% to 100%, regardless of whether the pump is running or not. In the range of 30% ~ 100% flow rate, the steady-state accuracy is ± 1%. It is a simple structure, small energy consumption, accurate measurement practical metering pump. Different models can be configured according to the requirements of 220V, 380V or other voltage motor. Please refer to the company’s product brochures for pump model specifications and parameters.


  • Leak free design.

  • Smooth flowrate adjustment in both operating and non operating condition.

  • Specially designed for handling corrosive liquids.

  • Varieties of material options, for different applications.

  • Controllable flowrate at both working and non-working condition.

  • Compact modular design.
  • ±1% accuracy dosing rate within 10-100% of the nominal flowrate.

  • Check valve with double balls designed for easy maintenance.

  • Easy parts replacement.

  • Multiple layers diaphragm, ensure longer lifespan.


Model MG Series
Type Motor Driven Mechanical Diaphragm
Flowrate (LPH) 15 ~ 150
Pressure (Bar) 10 ~ 4
Pump Head Material Standard: PVC
Optional:PVDF, SS304, SS316
Operating Method Continuous or Intermediate
Number of pump head 1
Connection Type Tube Compression Fitting / Glue Union / Weld Union
Flow Adjustment Method Adjustable Handwheel
Flow Adjustment Display Method Analog Display
Control remotely No
Suction Lift (m) 2
Number of Valve Ball Single
Stroke per minute 80 ~ 180
Accuracy ±1% within 30% ~ 100% flowrate
Weight (kg) Gross Weight: 9.5 KG
Net Weight: 10KG


Diameter (mm) 60 ~84
Material 1st Layer: PTFE
2nd Layer: EPDM Rubber
3rd Layer: 3.0mm SUS304
4th Layer: Nylon Fibber
5th Layer: EPDM Rubber


Motor Size 1ph/3ph 50Hz – 220V/380V
Power MG15-130: 60W
MG150: 90W
Ingress Protection IP55
Insulation Class Class F
Explosion Proff No


Fluid Temperature Range -15 ~ 60 (°C)
Fluid Viscosity Range 0.3 ~ 1000 cps
EnvironmentTemperature Range -30 ~ 80 (°C)
Outdoor Usage Yes, under shelter protection from direct sun and rain


If the pump head material is PVC with hose connection, in addition to metering pump, there are the following accessories included in the package.
Chemical Dosing Pump Accessories


MG Series Metering Pump with PVC Pump Head

PVC Pump Head

MG Series Metering Pump with PVDF Pump Head

PVDF Pump Head

MG Series Diaphragm Dosing Pump with Stainless Steel Pump Head

SS304/316 Pump Head


Model Stroke per Minute (min-1) Rated Flow (LPH) Rated Pressure (Bar) Rated Power (W) Connection Type
(PVC) (PVDF) (304/316)
MG0015 130 15 10 60 Φ6×9 PE Tube Compression Fitting RC 1/2 Female NPT Φ8×14 Weld Union
MG0025 86 25 10
MG0040 130 40 7
MG0060 86 60 6 DN15 Glue Union Φ10×16 Weld Union
MG0080 86 80 5
MG0100 130 100 4
MG0120 130 120 4
MG0150 130 150 4

*Flange connection is available upon request.


Pump Head Material Diaphragm Valve Seat Valve Ball Inlet Outlet
PVC PTFE Viton Rubber Ceramic PE PE
PVDF PTFE Viton Rubber Ceramic PE PE
SS304 PTFE SS304 SS304 SS304 SS304
SS316 PTFE SS316 SS316 SS316 SS316

*For chemical compatibility table, please visit here.


Product Dimensions for MG Series Metering Pump
Model Pump Head Material Connection A B C D E
MG0015 – MG0040 PVC Φ6×9 PE Tube Compression Fitting 176 90 50 183 225
PVDF RC 1/2 Female NPT 220 90 50 191 247
304/316 Φ8×14 Weld Union 230 90 52 187 252
MG0060 – MG0150 PVC DN15 Glue Union 222 110 52 193 248
PVDF RC 1/2 Female NPT 234 110 52 193 254
304/316 Φ10×16 Weld Union 256 110 51 192 265

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