Buying a diaphragm metering pump can be confusing because each application and usage is different, as a result choosing a metering pump requires a number of well-taken decisions. Researching process is made worse by the number of manufacturers to choose from. There are some factors that make pumps by WRS the ideal choice out of all the different types of metering pumps, but make sure you have a detailed discussion with the representatives of the manufacturer you’re buying from to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

The Situation for a Diaphragm Pump

Any industrial or commercial application that requires that you are able to mete out fluids and or chemicals at a calculated, geometric rate is in need of a diaphragm pump (categorized under positive displacement pump family). If your needs tilt towards needing the process to be highly efficient, repeatable and in some cases automated; then diaphragm pumps are your best choice.

Specificity is important because although it may look like it’s all the same, you need to have a consistent, calculated flow rate for your chosen fluids and or chemicals to be metered.

In the case of chemical dosing, if you pumped out the entire chemical stored into one part of the fluid or water that is to be treated, then it would be an inefficient process. The chemical would not dissolve or disseminate equally rendering the treatment process as inadequate. In such cases, the process has to be repeated which can in turn cause an overdose of the chemical.

WRS solenoid driven diaphragm pumps are the perfect solution since they come with injection quills that can inject the chemical in a very calculated way. The diaphragm operates in a series of strokes with each stroke releasing a certain amount of chemical into the body of fluid or water.

With time carefully predetermined, the dispersion of the chemical into the water is done evenly and consistently. This type of metering pump is low pressure and accurate and it lasts longer than standard metering pumps for this reason.

How WRS Metering Pumps Ensures Accuracy

Diaphragm pumps run on ball valve assemblies that create a stroke-like movement that propels the fluid forward, the components themselves are able to ensure near-perfect accuracy. The ball valve assembly has outlet and inlet ends in the pump’s solution head. When the motor of the diaphragm pump turns on, it pushes the assembly backward and forward in a consistent manner. This enables the exact, calculated amount of liquid to be released.

schematic diagram of ML Series Solenoid Diaphragm Pump Dimensions

The discharge line is also protected as this mechanism keeps the fluid from flowing back into the pump as can be the case with older, damaged, or lesser quality metering pumps circulating on the market. The diaphragm pump will always create an exact, repetitive action so that no matter how many hours it works, it always surges forward the same amount of chemical each time.

Why You Must Choose Your Pumps Wisely

Pumps and metering pump system setup can become costly depending of its complexities of setup, and if they are inefficient or not up to the workload they will waste or overuse chemicals or carry out inefficient utilization. While you will need to make a considerable investment with metering pumps and all ancillary equipment, by utilizing your chemical stores better you can save money over a longer time-frame.

WRS metering pumps also offer better safety features with ball valve assemblies and pressure gauges and you also have a choice for manual or signal controlled operations which can automate the metering process.

WRS Metering Pumps are The Superior Choice Because

  • Manufacturing over 40k units per year
  • Established Factory size over 33, 400sqm
  • Efficient global supply chain
  • Supplying to over 50 countries around the world
  • Exceptional support both for our valued distributors and customers using our products

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