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aerial view of Water Treatment plant using Chemical Dosing Metering Pumps for filtration

Metering Pumps In Water Treatment

The basic function of dosing pumps is to inject chemicals at a specified flowrate into a particular process or destination. This process is known as metering. The entire metering process is used to inject chemical additives, specific blends of chemical components, or the transfer of a single liquid.

Metering pumps or dosing pumps are utilized in the pumping of chemical solutions in the production process in several industries. The design of most dosing pumps is pretty straightforward. Most metering pumps often come with a control mechanism, a solenoid drive attached to a motor, and a pump head with different valves. The valves serve as the inlet and outlet for liquid injection and discharge. Dosing pumps find application in diverse fields, and one such area is in wastewater treatment.

In terms of water treatment, metering pumps are used to ensure the appropriate treatment of wastewater processed in a water treatment plant. Dosing pumps used must be able to dispense precise dosage dependent on workload. Every moving part ensures the accuracy and reliability of the whole system.

The entire process in a waste water plant needs a dosing pump for various processes such as coagulation, flocculation, disinfection and more. One of the main reasons why metering pumps are used for these processes is that they are flexible in allowing easily setting of the required rate at which you want to inject or discharge liquids. The way they are designed, chemical dosing systems for water treatment plants can handle an vast range of fluids, chemicals, viscous and corrosive materials as well.

Unlike other metering systems, wastewater treatment isn’t as straightforward as other metering systems. Because it involves vital steps executed in a precise manner to get the required outcome. That is why dosing pumps are sought-after as well as indispensable equipment for efficient and accurate injection and discharge of different chemicals in wastewater treatment. It’s essential to choose the right metering pump that can input liquid irrespective of the corrosive nature and the primary and viscosity.

schematic diagram of a Chemical Dosing Pump and Metering Pumps Manufactured by WRS

WRS metering pumps for wastewater treatment are efficient, Eco-friendly, and energy-saving built by industry expert engineers. A metering pump gives you more than just another option, it ensures that the entire process adheres to today’s standards.

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