The use of metering technology and water treatment solutions may vary considerably depending on the industry and application. You can rely on the experience and know-how of our highly skilled experts to find the most efficient right solutions for you. We achieve this by carefully analysing your specific requirements, then offer individual advice for selecting the right WRS product, with one aim in mind: reliability, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Talk to our experts who understand exactly what it takes to have the perfect chemical dosing system. Because WRS’s industry experts have years of thorough engineering expertise, and we enjoy delivering results for all our valued customers. Working in close collaboration alongside you, our valued customer, we deliver practical results that are cost effective and reliable.

Get the competitive edge we can deliver: working with our application expertise of our engineers you’ll receive shorter delivery times, reliable service and faster solutions.

aerial view of Water Treatment plant using Chemical Dosing Metering Pumps for filtration


The basic function of dosing pumps is to inject chemicals at a specified flowrate into a particular process or destination. This process is known as metering. The entire metering process is used to…
inside Electroplating WRS Russia distributor factory Chemical Dosing Pumps Used in Manufacturing


Electroplating and surface treatment requires a precise metering system to feed the right amount of chemicals and materials into the process. This is where dosing pumps come into play. A dosing pump ensures…
Chemical Dosing Pump used on pulp and paper manufacturing equipment


In the pulp and paper industry, using the right pump at the proper process makes a significant difference in the quality of your product. There are different pumps in the market to pick from, but selecting
various colored textile ropes treated with Chemicals


Dosing pumps find their applications in various industries and sectors. One such area of application is in the textile industry, where it is used for fiber production. More and more synthetic fibers becoming…
Chemical Dosing Pumps operating in Agricultural hothouse farm


What makes chemical injection in any process successful, most especially in the agricultural environment, is the use of the right equipment. A typical dosing pump application in agriculture is…
various foods wrapped by plastic in packaging


Pumps are becoming essential in the food and beverage industry and their importance can be attributed to a lot of reasons. With each passing day, our daily routines are becoming swamped, and…
Engineers analyzing chemicals filtered by a Chemical Dosing Pump


Dosing pumps are very essential in lots of industries, and as it is in other industries, you can also find dosing and metering pumps in the hospitality industry. The hospitality market is…
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Oil and Gas plant Chemical Dosing Pumps


Dosing pumps have a variety of functions and use in the oil industry. One of their primary applications is in the oil industry is in the oilfield where they are used to deliver specialty chemicals into…

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hotel swimming pool using a metering pump manufactured by WRS


Given the share number of people who troop into hotels and resorts, it is essential all facilities and equipment are in the best possible shape. Some of the areas that people really pay…
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various Pharmaceutical medicine pills on table


Dosing Pumps play a key role in several industries in the world. Just like other industries, you can find dosing pumps in the pharmaceutical industry. There are several pharmaceutical processes that…

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