Indeed we are living in a complex world, there are even YouTube videos showing how to make a Peristaltic Pump. Unless you are an engineering student, DIY pumps aren’t going to suffice.

Definition of Peristaltic [ pĕr′ĭ-stôl′sĭs ] is that its a wavelike muscular contractions in tubular structures.

In terms of the word ‘Peristaltic’ within industrial settings, peristaltic pumps (also known as roller pumps) are a kind of metering pump that operates primarily on compress and relax mechanism (as shown in the figure above) that works well for processes such as drinking water plants, pharmaceutical settings or when there is no room for the risk of contamination. The compression system works in one way direction to prevent the fluid from going back up the hose decreasing the chance of contamination and backflow.

A roller presses the hose down flat so that the discharge valve as well as the suction cap are both sealed and chemical input can neither leave nor enter the hose after each convulsion. Then, in an alternating movement the hose again fills up with the exact dose of the chemical and that is propelled forward into the effluent.

The chemical medium that needs to be pumped out is never put into contact with any other part of the whole pump, but, is stored in the hose for maximum protection. An extended tube is also attached to the tube to store the chemical medium.

Pros and Features of Peristaltic Pumps

  • Peristaltic pumps are made without a seal (unlike the other varieties of metering pumps) which means they have a lower chance of being damaged by chemical corrosion or environmental factors such as heat or rain. They also generally perform well even without regular maintenance so they are excellent for processes that need a real workhorse of a machine.
  • Peristaltic pumps are built around the strength of a hose and its components but they are often easy and cheaper to replace making maintenance cost-effective. In many cases, even a repairman may not be required.
  • Roller pumps are widely used for industrial processes but their mechanism and scope of movement is gentle and soft as opposed to rigorous. This means that making mixtures such as lime circulation, and coagulation is more effectively done with the help of this type of metering pump. Despite being gentle peristaltic pumps can command a consideration suction power making them good for clearing sediment in large tanks of waste or industrial effluent.
  • Peristaltic pumps have the ability to run dry without needing the consistent flowing of fluid in order to be functional. They can also successfully remove gas from fluid through their suction action.
  • The hoses of a peristaltic pump are quite resistant to abrasion unless they are continuously overused and worn out. They also last longer against potentially corrosive chemicals when compared with other types of metering pumps.
  • Peristaltic pumps have a dual application in that not only can they be used to pump and dose chemicals but they can also pump out and empty tanks and sediment. They are also effective in removing blockages or picking up coagulated masses which is a wastewater treatment.
  • These pumps are slip-free and chemicals can be dosed easily. This includes semi-solid sludge as well.
  • Many peristaltic pumps from top manufacturers are cleared by authorities in different countries to be used in the processing of food and beverage manufacturing such as the making of beverages and soft drinks.

Choosing The Right Metering Pump Requires Expert Advice

There are many different scenarios and applications for setting up metering pump systems, ultimately, an expert advice can save time and money. WRS metering pumps are used in many industries such as Pulp and Paper, Textile Industry, Agricultural Needs, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Oil & Gas Industry, Hotels And Resorts and Medical Pharmaceutical.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can use metering pumps and best advice we can share with you is, choose expert advice before you purchase a metering pump.

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