Metering pumps in chemical dosing applications are used in dozens of industrial processes and end-users whom invest in the right metering pump through a reputable manufacturer, they can last very well for years and provide many thousands of hours of service. Becoming a supplier for a metering pump manufacturer has many advantages as metering pumps are at the center of many industries (petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, paper, light industry, agriculture, water plant and other industrial and technological sectors) and there is a consistent demand for them in our global world.

The Growth Cycle

Understanding the dynamics of the industry begins with the concept that as manufacturers are able to expand their operations; they ultimately look for local distributors and suppliers so they can spread out their market and availability.

Innovation and growth within the manufacturing process are also pivotal to achieving a global or national presence which is why top metering pump companies regularly seek to bring new products and components onto the market. Local suppliers and distributors need to be up to date on all these innovations so they can better communicate them to their customers. In the interests of expansion, larger manufacturers may routinely acquire smaller companies especially those backward or forward down the supply chain so they can better control the deliveries, production and quality of their products.

Fill The Gap

A distributor of metering pumps for chemical dosing has many important functions to fulfill as they need to build a bridge between the manufacturer and the end-user (customer). A large manufacturer (regardless of the scale they are operating on) cannot form proper working relationships with all their customers nor respond to all their concerns without the need of local distributors who know the products well.

In that way, it is the distributor’s job to form those connections, provide advice and ongoing services and also connect the customers to other professionals that can prove invaluable to their business such as technicians, repairmen and others. Larger pump manufacturers may even sometimes delegate and outsource their sales and marketing to smaller firms or at the distributor’s discretion depending on their individual area of operation.

Furthermore, distributors (partly because of their proximity to their customer’s plants and factories (working environment)) are better suited to understand each individual customer’s needs, requirements and collect their feedback to relay back to the manufacturer. This helps them over time to create new better products and introduce components that can better meet new, arising requirements.


While some manufacturers may spread out their production units in different parts of the country, there is also centralization that takes place, with production being confined to one area or a few areas and all other aspects (such as marketing, sales, repairs) given over to distributors. WRS metering pumps manufacturer and supplier is already established and handle all types of requirements.

  • Manufacturing over 40k units per year
  • Factory size over 33,400 sqm
  • Supplying to over 50 countries around the world


Distributors need to be well-versed on all good practices of conducting business on behalf of an established metering pump manufacturer, and that includes possessing and renewing quality and environmental certifications.

It is good to know that an educated consumer will always ask to see authentication documents before making a purchase especially in large quantities. Transporting pumps from factory locations can be time-consuming so it is up to the distributor to be sure they have enough in stock and that they have preempted demand correctly along with practicing efficiency in processing warranty claims.

Long Term Successful Results Await You

Here at WRS, we offer you complete solutions with long term results, be it better distribution outcomes or be it better price range when it comes to quality metering pumps and their components, simply get in touch to become one of our valued distributer of WRS metering pumps. We’ve already done the hard work, have established processes, reliability and exceptional distributor support you too will appreciate.

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