Buying Metering pumps is a time-consuming task in itself due to preliminary research, but what’s worse is that buying them from the wrong distributor can prove extremely costly in every way. While the prevalent trend is to buy from online dealers, which may not be the best choice for you especially if you are purchasing several metering pumps at one time and aren’t exactly sure which model or make is a good fit for your particular application..

While many companies and business owners prefer to buy direct from the manufacturer it is worthwhile to note that large companies sometimes can provide face to face advice and dealings to all their customers. For that reason opting for a reputable local distributor that sources products from good, well-known international manufacturers may be in your best interest.

Smaller manufacturers (particularly those that are family-owned and so forth) may actually have their own chain of chosen distributors in a particular country that will be able to provide warranty and customer service in a current local location. This also allows the original manufacturer to have contact with the end-user without having to deal with each issue from their own office and instead delegating to local distributors for faster resolution.

Pros of Going Local

You may think that researching on your own can provide all the answers, and while that may partially be the case, nothing beats getting advice from professionals that deal with metering pumps on a daily basis. You will save time to start with, and there is a greater chance of making the right choice considering your use, workload, budget, productivity concerns as well as the climatic and environmental factors that will affect the metering systems.

A local distributor and their representative can guide you about new designs as well as shortcuts so you can stretch your money further. A representative doesn’t just have knowledge about particular models of metering pumps and manufacturers but also about their use, installation, as they are the experts that you can contact for these processes. They will also guide you about components, maintenance, and best practices when using metering pump systems.

You also get the benefit of convenience when you purchase from a local metering pump distributor as you do not have to place multiple orders for different and yet necessary components and can get them all in one place quickly (also in a more cost effective manner).

Accidents can happen and machinery can always break down, requiring specialized repair and maintenance. Local distributors offer all types of services in their area so you can get more hands-on attention should anything go wrong and especially when you need to claim a warranty of the manufacturer.

If the repair needs are more wide-scale, then, the local pump systems distributor will typically have a list of repairmen and technicians that can come to you to remedy issues. Not to mention their expert advice which can prevent common problems such as pressure building up in the pump or prevention of leakage. Most sellers can advise you to purchase additional (yet required) components such as pressure gauges or valves to keep your pump and dosing in good shape so that it keeps working for thousands of hours to come.

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