WRS metering pumps are known for their many benefits in industrial use such as processability, accuracy, cost effectiveness and longevity. However, since there are many metering pump suppliers on the market creating low-quality metering pumps, as a result due to several extraneous factors such as temperature and pressure; input and output results, as well as measuring the accuracy can be affected greatly.

How Outcome Can Be Affected

In theory, a metering pumps are engineered towards great deal of precision largely due to a pump head displacement, but the factors that can create anywhere from a 10% to a 30% variation in the results are as follows:

  • The temperature of the surroundings in which the pump is operating as well as the temperature of the fluid being pumped.
  • Air can get trapped in a pump very easily especially with excessive use or heat which can greatly affect chemical dispersion.
  • The daily wear and tear of all components related to the metering system and the dosing pump itself.
  • Shifts in the pressure level can also cause discrepancies in output.

Flow Meter Can Ensure Accuracy

A flow meter measures ‘direct mass flow’ and regulates it with what is known as a ‘principle of operation’ or PID device. A predetermined limit is set on the flow meter which then implements these directions on the metering pump. The process is simple and increases efficiency especially if you are using the pump in an area with significant interfering factors such as heat and or weather.

WRS Rotameter (Flow Type Flow Meter) for Dosing Systems

Rotameter is a device that measures the volumetric flowrate of fluid in a closed tube. A rotameter does not require external power or fuel, it uses only the inherent properties of the fluid, along with gravity to measure flowrate. It is simple to install, understand, cost effective and more importantly it is accurate. Since the area of the flow passage increases as the float moves up the tube, the scale is approximately linear. WRS Rotameter also has an option to install high / low flowrate signal, this gives our valued clients using our products more control on their systems.

Some of the advantages of using a flow meter with your metering pump are as follows:

  • The flow rate becomes more numerical and specific and minute changes can also be made. The flow can also be predetermined and made consistent over certain periods of time.
  • The pump will perform well with less wear and tear to its functioning and efficiency. The flow meter helps with preventing strain from accumulating.
  • If the flow rate drops beyond the predetermined rate (e.g when refilling), the flow meter provides an alarm system while the metering pump itself may usually not have this feature.
  • The delivery of the fluid is unduly improved with this extra component.
  • Mass flow dosing which is possible with a flow meter, actuated valves and pulsation dampers means that the pump can become immune to fluctuations in temperature and eliminating pipe pulsation which would not otherwise be the case.

Some Issues With Flow Meter & PID Systems

As with any mechanical machines, there are definite pros and cons and flow meters have some disadvantages. Firstly, if a control relay occurs, pump response can be slow which has its problems. The PID controller can also interfere with signals which means communication from the flow meter to the metering pump will take time.

For users with little metering pump experience, extra components can be difficult to use and easy to get wrong. With many flow meters with PID systems, obtaining stable flow can be time-consuming as it is technically reversing a command such as fixing a numerical value on the flow rate. That is why we here at WRS engineered our products to be easy to use, install and maintain.

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