Chemical dosing is quite simply the name given to the process of delivering a chosen chemical into a body of water. Dosing pumps inject a very specific amount of chemical into a liquid stream.

Apart from wastewater treatment, there are various other applications for dosing pumps some of which can be used within oil and gas, food processing, pharmaceutical, boiler feed water treatment or other industrial settings where metering and chemical dosing is needed. In each case, the chemical being added has a specific process function and it is important to add the right amount of chemicals to prevent operational problems.

The removal of phosphate from the effluent of a sewage system is an essential part, because its one of the first steps in treating wastewater so that it can be utilized or returned to a natural water source.

The Process of Dosing 101

A pump skid is often used for this process and it includes a metering pump, safety equipment, and a monitoring control system with various options to control the flow of the chemical such as pressure gauges, valves, switches and calibration columns.

It is passed through giant specialized filters and then chosen chemicals are dosed into the water, to counteract the toxicity so that the effluent doesn’t cause contamination when it is dumped as this can be hazardous including for all kinds of wildlife.

Keep in mind that liquid dosing is actually based upon choosing the proper pump and controls. And since each situation and requirement will differ from one another, selecting the right equipment and assembling it into a chemical dosing system that is compatible with the chemistry, obtain accuracy and repeatability necessary for the process, all while meeting governmental standards is critical for successful treatment of wastewater.

A chemical dosing system needs metering pumps in order to control the dosages efficiently. In most countries like Australia, Singapore and United Kingdom, there are strict environmental laws that outline the amount of as well as type of chemicals that can be used for water treatment. This varies with the state of the water and what it is being processed for. In sewage water treatment process for example, an anaerobic process is implemented which results in the creation of biofertilizer or biogas.

Industrial wastewater or industrial effluent as it is commonly called also has environmental obligations regarding its treatment.

Industries That Utilize Chemical Dosing

There is no end to uses for the different types of metering pumps available for chemical dosing. Market segments like mining, wastewater treatment, power stations, electroplating, textile industry, building services, dosing pump application in agriculture, food and beverage industry, and those related to public infrastructure are very much dependent on chemical dosing.

Water companies routinely require the services of vendors and suppliers that can provide various types of metering pumps, carry out required construction or installation, and also sell individual components that are needed by the wastewater treatment plant. Not sure where to begin? Speak with chemical dosing industry experts

Buffering PH Levels

Lime or sodium hydroxide is dosed into a body of water according to very specific pH levels which are measured and noted. This process is called PH buffering and is essential for dosing relatively clean bodies of water such as the water found in tanks or tap water.

PH buffering is a key function of the process of chemical dosing. Water treatment authorities have timings and patterns worked out so different dosing requirements exist for different times of the day. At midnight for example when not a lot of water is being used, PH levels maybe altered accordingly.

Furthermore, keeping these dosing requirements going is a big task for water companies that have fixed and predetermined suppliers for essential equipment such as pipework, electrical switchgear, and cables.

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